Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reflection on Rhetorical Analysis!

Well, 2nd paper is done and out of the way. Comparing it to the OpEd I must admit that I liked the OpEd better. Although, I loved writing about tennis. Both papers had their ups and downs, I just liked the OpEd style better than the Rhetorical Analysis. I like writing with my own opinion, and not just analyzing rhetoric of another writer. I'm very excited for the Issues Paper and can't wait to get working on it!


  1. Writing is so much easier when you can voice your own opinion! I'm glad someone else liked the OpEd better as well.

  2. Tennis and Burgers. Seth Russell Hoyt the 3rd, you never cease to impress.
    I think I liked the papers equally. One allowed me to be creative, whereas the other allowed me to just write. Good stuff.