Monday, January 30, 2012

In-N-Out: What’s In it for BYU students?

Hey, you there! Yea...YOU! This is for you, BYU Students. 

In-N-Out is the famous gourmet fast food chain sensation that has swept the West Coast. Founded in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder, In-N-Out has been an establishment devoted to the quality of their food and the satisfaction of their customers since the beginning. Although some may argue that In-N-Out is a restaurant with just a boring menu and a fanatic following: In-N-Out is the best dining experience for BYU students because of their fresh ingredients, strong work ethic , and lowered prices compared to other gourmet fast food restaurants.

 “Quality you can taste”. This is In-N-Outs motto and so; of course, the ingredients of the food are vital. All of In-N-Out’s ingredients are 100% fresh. The beef patties are made directly by In-N-Out from the best cattle to be found, packaged in the business-owned packaging plant in Baldwin Park, CA.  100% pure beef with no preservatives added to it, this is just one of the reasons the burgers from In-N-Out spark millions of people’s taste buds. On top of that amazing patty, In-N-Out hand leafs all of their lettuce. They pick the best tomatoes they can find, and ship in the freshest potatoes straight from the farms. Employees make the special “secret sauce” (special Thousand Island dressing) right in the store, fresh every day. Every bun is made from sponge dough (the old fashioned way) and is toasted to perfection. My favorite part about dining out at In-N-Out is that first bite into the burger made from all of these fresh ingredients. It really is “Quality you can taste.”

Not only does In-N-Out have the freshest ingredients, but they also have a strong work ethic that makes eating at their establishment enjoyable. With high standards for employees making such fresh food, the company treats their employee’s right. Starting wage for restaurant workers is 10$s! The reason for this high wage the company says is because “They are important to us!” This is part of the reason In-N-Out is so successful. Employment opportunities are always filled at In-N-Out because of the high wages, paid vacation, flexible work schedule, and free food. Happy employees at In-N-Out mean more quality food and service for customers. So, when a BYU student has had a long day of class and homework, at night they can go to In-N-Out and know that they will be treated right. Workers at In-N-Out are happy and show this in the way that they respect all their customers! There is no place that treats their customers better. Customers are given their food as fast as possible, with always a smile and “have a good night” accompanying it! This is one of the reasons why BYU students should always eat at In-N-Out. Just last Saturday night, my friends and I were absolutely starving. So, a car load of BYU college students, all hungry as hounds, pulled into the In-N-Out parking lot at midnight. Now, the employees I’m sure were tired from their Saturday dinner rush, but they still served us with all the respect and attention that they would have shown to any other customer, at any other time of the day. This strong work-ethic is just one of the reasons BYU students should eat at In-N-Out.

Along with their work ethic, In-N-Out also serves its customers by keeping their prices for their burgers, fries, and shakes low compared to other gourmet fast food places. At 5 Guys, a national burger chain that is said to rival In-N-Out, to get just a cheeseburger is $5.79. At In-N-Out, a cheeseburger is just $4.12! This price difference is huge for a BYU student, who is always looking for the best bang for their buck. Just look at the difference in price of fries. A regular order of fries from In-N-Out is $1.35; whereas, 5 Guys fries are $2.69. In-N-Out also offers real ice cream milkshakes, made with the freshest cream to be found. 5 Guys does not even offer milkshakes on their menu.  In-N-Out works with the freshest ingredients, keeps their customers happy, AND keeps their burgers more than a dollar cheaper than the other competition. This is what I’m talking about! Cheap is the way we do things here in college, and this is why In-N-Out is a clear choice for a BYU college student.    

In-N-Out is the best choice for dining out for BYU students. They have the freshest ingredients, a work ethic that rivals even us BYU students, and lower prices than other gourmet fast food places. BYU students may have to drive just a little ways to get there, but the small amount of gas is worth the delicious and inexpensive food. We should support this business because of what they stand for and the quality food that they produce. In my experience with In-N-Out burgers, there is nothing better than to walk into to that homey atmosphere, and order my standard 2 cheeseburgers, no onion, fries, and medium drink. Then, wait just a couple minutes (salivating the whole while) to have an awesome employee call my order number. Then, that first bite into the burger--priceless.  

BYU Students=In-N-Out

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Hunger Games: Movie as Good as the Book?

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a New York Times Bestseller that has swept the nation in its emotional pull, gripping action, and stunning story. Katniss, the new girl superhero for all ages, has grabbed the nation's attention and had everyone just waiting to hear the rest of her story. So, this amazing story is being turned into a movie? How good can this be? Well, from the official video trailer, the song "Safe and Sound" released as the theme of the movie by international pop-country star Taylor Swift, and reading reviews of the actors online, the movie looks like it will be almost as good as the book.

Here is the official video trailer for "The Hunger Games". I can't wait! Take a peek with me at the movie. 
Can't wait to go see it! Enjoy the trailer. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Logic, Emotions, and Authority.

My Opinion Editorial on In-N-Out Burger appeals to all three of the frames of thought.

 Logos, or Logic, is shown in how I provide evidence on how In-N-Out burgers are the best. I provide evidence showing that their ingredients are the freshest. Patties are freshly made, lettuce freshly picked, potatoes brought in straight from the fields, and the buns freshly made daily. Logically, this makes sense that In-N-Out has the best burger because of their fresh ingredients.

Pathos, or appealing to the emotion of my readers. I appeal to the emotion of my BYU college student readers by making them salivate when I tell them of the fresh ingredients. I appeal to their desires for cheap food because we are college students and do everything cheap.

Ethos, or showing my authority on the subject of In-N-Out burgers through my writing. I write with evidence, using quotes and links directly from the In-N-Out source. I also have personal experience with In-N-Out. Eating this all of my life, and having experience eating at different burger joints compared to In-N-Out, I consider myself a minor In-N-Out burger expert.

All of this evidence, authority, and appealing will hopefully sway my BYU student readers to come to realize that In-N-Out burgers are the absolute best.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Claims, Reasons, and Assumptions Oh My!

So, we need to write out our claims, reasons, and assumptions for our Opinion Editorial. So here are mine!

Claims: In-N-Out burgers are the best choice of dining out for BYU students.

Reasons: They have the freshest ingredients. They have a high work ethic. They have family and Christian values. They are cheaper when compared with other gourmet fast food restaurants.

Assumptions: Because In-n-Out has the freshest ingredients, they obviously taste the best and BYU students should eat there. Because employees are kind and courteous it is an enjoyable experience for all to eat there. The food is cheap; therefore, for a cheap BYU student In-N-Out should be the number 1 choice for eating out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

OpEd Thesis! In N Out.

Well, it's official. I am going to be writing on how In-N-Out has the best burger out there. So, this blog tells me to put my thesis on. So here it is! 

OpEd Thesis: In-N-Out has the best burger in the business because of their fresh ingredients, Christian connections and practices, and lowered prices compared to other gourmet fast food restaurants.
Hope this works and I can't wait to get writing! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Op-Ed Ideas? Time to Brainstorm....

Opinion Editorial and what to write on for it. I need an issue that interests me and allows me to take a stand. There are several ideas that I have brainstormed to write about. 

1) The issue that really applies to me as a Freshman living in Helaman Halls is the issue of visiting hours for our dorm rooms. I feel that we should have more than just 4 hours in a week to be in members of the opposite gender's room. 

2) Another issue regarding Helaman Halls is the quality and number of times available to eat from the Cannon Center on Sundays. 

3) I could also write about why In'n'Out has the best burgers and the reasons why they do. 

These 3 topic ideas are just some that I could write on. I might end up picking another, but these are 3 that sound interesting and fun to write about. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Am I? Seth Hoyt of Course!

 Seth Russell Hoyt III. That’s my name and I happen to love it. I am from Ione, California, a tiny town about an hour from Sacramento and an hour from Lake Tahoe. I am the oldest of 5 kids, but 2 of my younger siblings are already taller than I am. How does that work out? I’m the short one at 6”2 1/2. Anyways, I love playing tennis, volleyball, reading, hanging out with friends, dancing, eating food, and meeting new people. I am a freshman majoring in History, with plans to attend law school to become a criminal prosecutor.
  Here are just some of my favorite things. My favorite movie (well dang….. There are just so many!) would have to be Inception, The Help, and of course Star Wars. My favorite TV show of all time is 24. Jack Bauer is one of the best things to ever happen on television today. I love watching ESPN with my brothers and Dad (Top 10 plays of the day is a must see at the end of the day). My favorite food is Mexican and Italian food. My favorite book/series are Hunger Games (can’t WAIT for the movie!) Harry Potter, and The Rainmaker. I love life and am looking forward to this class and getting to know everyone in our small class.

I’ll see you around!