Friday, March 2, 2012

Issue Paper Thesis!

Well, here is a tentative thesis for my Issues Paper on the seriousness of Proposition 8.

Thesis: Proposition 8 is not over and the fight to preserve traditional marriage still continues. We need to make sure that gay marriage is made illegal in the state of California because it is not ordained of God and if legalized, could go on to legalizing the practice in the entire United States. Although the LGBT community says that it is a question of rights, it is actually a question of social morality.

Well, there it is. It needs a little work, like I need to make it more concise, and work on refining ideas, but I needed the post now!

Let's write this paper!


  1. I like the way your thesis is put together! I also like your subject; since I'm from California too I handed out a whole mess of pamphlets over this issue and got chased by dogs... I'm interested to see your paper!

    1. Oh definitely Johnny! I definitely pickted for Yes on 8 and got flipped off so many times. I got pretty good at handing out pamphlets.

  2. I think you will do well with this paper because you have had experience dealing with the issue. I'm also interested to read your paper

  3. The question of the legalization homosexual marriage is not an issue of whether it is right or wrong, but whether it is fair. While I condemn the practice, I, for no reason, believe it should be outlawed because it is immoral. Just as we cannot outlaw divorce or any other immoral practice, homosexuals have every right to live and be together. However, the issue that concerns me is when the situation arises of adoption. While it is perfectly lawful for two men or two women to live in sin, it is not their right to drag a third part--being an adopted child--into the situation.

  4. The people of California have voted twice on the issue, both times have resulted in the upholding of traditional marriage as the only acceptable marriage in California. If the gay community were able to marry, they will obviously want to raise families to prove they are just like everyone else and can raise a family normally. The thing is, they could never have their own children. So, adoption is the only option for them! So, gays and marriage would lead to adoption policies that would extend children to them. The practice of gay marriage would lead to more problems that you say are the "issue of morality". And the question of right or wrong on gay marriage is undeniable. If the Church specifically sent letters to each California Ward saying that members should invest time, money, and effort into the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign (a letter signed by the First Presidency) then to me, yes! It is a question of right or wrong. The Bible tells us homosexuality is wrong.