Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 Issues Paper Sources!

Well, I am writing on the controversy of gay marriage. Specifically on the case of Proposition 8 in California during 2008 and the recent overturn of the voter's decision. So, here are 5 sources that I am going to use that will both provide evidence to my argument that gay marriage is not a constitutional right and is wrong. I also have some sources for my counterargument.

1) Arana, Gabriel. "Gay on trial: why more than marriage is at stake in the federal legal challenge to Prop. 8." The American Prospect 20.10 (2009): 16+. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 3 Mar. 2012.
-This Article printed talks exactly about what the title says, why marriage is more than marriage is at stake of the challenge to Proposition 8. 

2) Egan, Patrick. California's Proposition 8: What Happened, and What Does the Future Hold?. San Francisco: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, 2009. 1-16. Web. 
-This report talks about the statistics of the vote, and breaks down exactly who voted and why. This could be helpful in fighting for an appeal to the overturning of the voter's decision. 

-Well, I don't know exact citations for a website in general, but this website gives general information on why Proposition passed to begin with, and provides reasons that gay marriage in California should not be allowed.

4) Dolan, Maura. "Judge Strikes Down Prop. 8, allows Gay Marriage in California." L.A. Now. LA Times, 04 8 2010. Web. 3 Mar. 2012. 
-This is a blog put out by the LA Times describing in 2010 when the 3 judge panel in San Francisco declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional and reversed the voter's decisions. This article is important to my argument because it is where the fight to restore traditional marriage again began. 

Well, there are just some of my sources so far. I am really excited to write this paper!


  1. I can see that you are very passionate about this topic and that you have been doing a lot of research. Can't wait to see all your viewpoints!

  2. Awesome!
    It's kind of sad how much power the courts have in America right now. I don't care whether you agree with Prop 8 or not, the courts shouldn't be able to completely override the people.
    Good luck with your paper. Interesting stuff.