Monday, March 19, 2012

Issues Paper Formula.

Well today in class we talked about formulas (Which in my rush write I said made me think of math and babies!). But, we learned that there are formulas for our Issues Paper and this blog is to figure out what formula we want to follow.

I decided that my paper will be formatted along the 6 part thesis, partly because of the way I already structured my paper.

1-Intro: My personal anecdote about Proposition 8 is in here as well as my thesis, which is my map for the paper.

2- Statement and Discussion of Subject: This will be where I give a little history about gay marriage in America and specifically Proposition 8 in California.

3-Narration/Explanation: This is where I discuss gay marriage and why I feel it is more than just a question of equality, and offer some reasons that I will discuss in my reasoning and arguments.

4-Reasoning/Arguments: Focus on my research, all of the statistics, books, websites, and studies that I found that prove that gay marriage is an issue of morality and religion and how it can be solved legally.

5-Pathetic Part: This is my story of Proposition 8 in California. Use emotion here and relate it to how when the decision of gay marriage goes to the Supreme Court we need to support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the United States.

6-Conclusion: This is where I will wrap everything up.

Well, I think this is a formula for a pretty good paper if I do say so myself! Bring it on!


  1. Great explanation and layout! Good luck with the paper my friend :)

  2. Looks like you have a well thought out paper--I think it'll be great!

  3. Good layout! Also, your paper is forming pretty well (I'm in your group haha).

  4. I hope your paper is coming along just wonderfully! Sounds like a good layout!